COVID-19 decisions and events monitoring tool

In light of the recent COVID-19 health pandemic, the need to know what works and what does not when creating policy and making decisions has never been greater. With it come the hallmarks of advising in a time of crisis: the evidence is uncertain, the science is fast-moving, the stakes are high and, in some public discussions at least, values are in dispute.

Our goal is to mobilise ASPHER network to help keep track of WHERE, WHEN and WHAT policy interventions are being made by various countries across Europe. We are interested in your advice, evidence or other justification that underpin decisions as the crisis unfolds - it is therefore a dynamic system that we hope you will help us to co-create.

For the moment, the tool allows you to study the epi-curves for 13 European countries. It also helps you to understand various government responses in terms of lockdown and relaxation measures in course of time. MORE TO COME.

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